Meet James R. Bohdan, OD

“I became an optometrist not only because I wanted to help people with their vision problems, but because I find eye care truly fascinating. After over 40 years as an eye-care professional, I still enjoy solving tough cases and making people happy. I’ve found the best thing l can do for my patients is to really take the time to listen to them and fully explain all of their options. Then, together, we can choose the solution that best fits their work demands and overall lifestyle.”

O.D.: Illinois College of Optometry
Licensed: Michigan, Minnesota
Certified: Diagnostic Pharmaceuticals, Therapeutic Pharmaceuticals

Over 4 Decades of Eye Care Experience

“My patients trust me to provide a high level of care. So I attend a lot of general medical seminars. Sometimes it takes someone outside the profession to remind us of what patients really want. We use each other as sounding boards and help one another continue to provide the kind of care patients want and deserve.”

Professional Committment

“I’ve always been a person who enjoys problem-solving and striving for excellence. But I knew early in my studies that I also wanted to do something that would make a positive impact on other people’s lives. That’s why I chose medicine. I get tremendous satisfaction seeing the difference I make in my patients’ lives each day, especially the hard-to-fit cases.”

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